The Millennium marked a major new geographic interest for Folkes Holdings, where it made the strategic decision to move up the risk curve and into the high economic growth environment of South Africa.

Folkes has since channelled its resources and expertise into sourcing, acquiring and developing retail and industrial real estate, and forging partnerships with noteworthy local operators which has led to significant investment positions in the close ended funds of Rapfund and Wingspan.

Our South African division now constitutes half of Folkes Holdings balance sheet with a gross asset value sitting at £100m (R1900m).

Real estate space totals 3,000,000 sqft (278,709 m2).

Sectors Total Size (approx.)
Retail 1,287,000 sqft  (119,566 m2)
Industrial 1,117,000 sqft (103,772 m2)
Residential/Office 596,000 sqft (55,370 m2)

SA Real Estate Portfolio Brochure


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